The SmartHouse Story

You know Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse. But you may not know the story of SmartHouse. Actress Amy Smart and HGTV personality Carter Oosterhouse are passionate about eco-friendly, non-toxic living without compromising style, comfort, or quality. 

But when the couple began looking for the best eco-friendly products for their own home, they soon learned that finding products that met their standards was a challenge.

mattress fabric

Amy and Carter knew that a healthier, non-toxic home begins in the bedroom. You spend a third of your life sleeping, and conventional mattresses are made of synthetic materials that pollute the air inside a home, leading to health issues and harming our planet.

What Amy and Carter didn’t know was how difficult it would be to find an organic, natural mattress that fit their needs: eco-friendly, beautiful, and comfortable. 

So they decided to make their own.

Amy and Carter partnered with some industry insiders and got a crash course in mattress manufacturing. They worked with a third-generation family-owned manufacturer in Carter's home state of Michigan and created their first mattress.

But their journey was only beginning.

Amy and Carter soon came face-to-face with the “dirty” truth about many “clean” products.

When their mattress industry mentors decided to leave the Michigan manufacturer in favor of a cheaper alternative in Arizona, Carter and Amy decided to part ways.

They took the manufacturing of their mattress into their own hands and discovered that their mattress, while largely more eco-friendly than the standard mattress, wasn’t nearly as clean and non-toxic as they had been led to believe.

The mattress they had been making was made from an ecological alternative to memory foam. It was slightly better than foam, but it was still foam. Amy and Carter were dismayed - the eco-friendly mattress they’d been making wasn’t truly non-toxic.

“Close to eco-friendly and non-toxic” wasn’t good enough. 

Amy and Carter needed to start over. 

But there was no way they were giving up on their mission to create a truly eco-friendly, non-toxic mattress that was stylish and comfortable.

Finding out they had unknowingly been promoting a less-than-perfect eco-friendly mattress only fueled their fire to find a better way. 

Amy and Carter had to decide: “Just how clean do we want this mattress to be?”

After removing every material from the mattress that was remotely toxic or harmful, there was just one element left that was in question. 

One thin layer of foam. 

Almost all-natural or organic mattresses are built with the tiniest bit of foam. It’s a comfort thing...and written off as necessary by many of the big-name mattress companies.

Amy and Carter had to make a choice: did they want to go all the way, or was “mostly clean” good enough?

The foam had to go. 

With that last layer of toxic material removed, Amy and Carter were able to turn their attention to making their truly non-toxic mattress the most comfortable on the market. 

What resulted is the SmartHouse mattress of today.

A stylish and beautiful mattress that is both incredibly comfortable and completely non-toxic. A mattress that refuses to compromise quality or eco-amazingness.

Along the journey, SmartHouse didn’t just uncover the secret to a better eco-friendly mattress. SmartHouse discovered it’s mission: to bring you a healthier home with products that are comfortable, beautiful, and TRULY non-toxic.