Great care has gone into the design and manufacturing of your SmartHouse mattress. As such, some degree of individualization of the finished product is inherent. Imperfections that do not prevent reasonable continued use of the mattress are not considered defects.

Stains will void the warranty, so we highly recommend a “mattress protector” be used to ensure your mattress remains clean and hygienic.

Proper support is also important. This would include the foundation and bed frame. 

A durable, strong foundation along with a center supported bed frame are very important in queen and king size.

Assuming all the above are met, and you have a problem arise, we will stand behind the quality of the mattress with the following guarantee/warranty.

20 Year Warranty

Years 1-10

Your mattress will be replaced if any of the following occur:

  • Excessive sagging in the mattress that is not caused by improper
  • support either with the base/foundation and/or bed frame.
  • The use of a proper foundation and bed frame is important.
  • Queen and King frames need to have center supports.
  • Any manufacturing defect that may arise within the mattress.

After your mattress is 10 years old here are a couple things to consider.

Divided what you paid for the mattress by 3,650 days and you will find the cost per night, over 10 years. You may be surprised to see that this figure is very small compared to the use you have received. A quality mattress can affect the quality of your life. After 10 years many changes have taken place with most of our bodies and perhaps you might consider replacing your sleep surface again. If not….

Years 11-20

If you need your mattress replaced during this period there

Will be a flat charge of 50% of the original purchase price.