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Our SmartHouse pillows provide a customizable sleeping surface to accommodate those that sleep on their side and back.

Available Sizes: Travel, Queen, Side Sleeper (most popular), Body Pillow

Why Smarthouse Pillows?

Smarthouse Collections All Natural Latex Pillow

All Natural Latex Pillow

This natural rubber pillow provides great support for your neck and body while keeping you cool. Our natural rubber filling is soft, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, which is made from natural rubber. This is paired with pre-cycled plant-based fibers to provide breathability and silkiness. You can customize the firmness by removing material via the zippered cover. If you are looking for an eco-friendly pillow made to help you sleep better this is for you!

Smarthouse Collections Pillow

The Breakdown

85% natural rubber, 15% potato starch fibers, Handcrafted in California, Non-allergenic, Anti-microbial, Mildew-proof, Dust mite resistant, Customizable firmness